Tips for Protect and Care a Wig

Ngày 13/06/2023

Investing in a wig requires more than just paying a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Proper maintenance and care are essential to ensure its longevity and maintain your appearance.

Step 1. When handling a wig, please be gentle while combing it. Use specialized brushes instead of regular ones, and if possible, only use a comb. Remember that the wig doesn’t require combing every day, so it’s good to give it a break once in a while.

Step 2. Consider taking off your wig while you are at home and placing it on a wig stand. This will aid in retaining its shape and prevent you from unintentionally damaging your own hair by constantly tugging and pulling on it.

Step 3. It is important to handle your wig with care after washing it. Instead of shaking it in a towel, dry it piece-by-piece to prevent strands of fibers from falling off. Additionally, avoid styling your wig when it is wet, as even wet-to-style hair stylers can cause damage.

Step 4. Once you have soaked your wig in water, gently squeeze out the excess moisture. Avoid wringing it as it may cause the wig’s base to become distorted and dry unevenly.

Step 5. It is important to avoid using shampoo that is meant for natural hair while washing your hair. Although regular conditioner can be used, the shampoo is too strong and may result in hair loss.

Step 6. To maintain the shine and softness of your hair, conditioning every few weeks is recommended. However, it’s important to avoid conditioning on a daily basis and ensure that you rinse it thoroughly to prevent build-up in your wig.

Step 7. To maintain the realistic appearance and durability of your wig, it is recommended to wash it only after wearing it for 25 times. Washing it daily or weekly may cause the wig to lose its natural look and quality.